Cigarettes and Metaphysics

Cigarettes and Metaphysics
by Salvo Blair

Three philosophy students have smoked too much ganja.
They wrap their fingers through a chain link fence,
That one overlooking West street. One stares at his feet.

The other two enter a metaphysical
duel over death, reincarnation

and something about not eating meat.

One philosopher thinks she’ll return
to earth as a blade of grass.
I tell her she’s had too much hash.

Not amused, I light a cigarette
and pull smoke to my lungs.
I feel my alveoli sizzling.

I cough, “I’m an asthmatic.”
I confess, “I smoke a pack a day”
They scoff, “Filthy habit.”


I may have metaphysical vertigo
but, a little nihilism and nicotine

makes me feel like one lucky fatalist.
Nonetheless, meaning is elusive to
three stoned hippies

staring at a deserted road.


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