Stylus 2017

Volume 67

Editor: Leah Nicole Whitcomb

(PDF Version)

Catherine Arjet
On the Pleasure of Tests” (creative nonfiction)

Grayston Barron
Necrophobia” (digital art)
Sex(ism) Sells” (film)

Alexis Carter
Fruits of the Garden” (fiction)
On the Origin of Rose-Giving” (fiction)

Caroline Daniels
Is There an Afterlife?” (poetry)

Nga Do
Un-Pretty” (digital art)

Spencer Ellswood
Elefante de Metal” (sculpture)

Roxanne ElShamy
A Note to All Writers” (poetry)

Vanessa Elshamy
Blue and White Chairs” (photography)
Carousel at Twilight” (photography)
Old Woman Walking into the Sunset” (photography)
Vintage Car” (photography)
Window Reflection” (photography)

Sophie Fairbairn
A Work in Progress” (drawing)
Learned Helplessness” (drawing)
Shimmer in the Gravel” (digital art series)

Aliyah Gillespie
Growing Pains” (creative nonfiction)
I Didn’t Become Who I Am Just By Sitting Within Four Walls” (creative nonfiction)

Ninette Hickey
Darkness” (photography)

Amena Jamila
Woozy” (photography)

Amara Johnson
An Unsettling Night” (poetry)
Liminal” (fiction)

Nakemia Kirksey
The Dark Butterfly” (poetry)

Rachel Long
Sonnet 130: Ode to Fried Chicken” (poetry)

Demarcus McGee
The Obama” (drawing)

Charles Nugent
In Between the Pines” (poetry)

Allison Othmani
“Little Blue” (painting)

Remy Pacini
Billabongs of Death” (fiction)

Kayla Palmer
Untitled” (bubble gum sculpture)

Phoebe Sandlin
The Epic” (poetry)
Javelin” (poetry)
These Roller Skates are Lit” (fiction)

Bailey Smith
Home on the Hill” (photography)
Self-Portrait Reflection” (photography)
Woman Sleeping in Germany” (photography)

Sree Maha Vedala
Snooze the Night Away” (poetry)

Maria Welch
The Can” (acrylics on beer cans)
Ultra” (photography)

Leah Nicole Whitcomb
Unfinished” (poetry)