A Note to All Writers

by Roxanne ElShamy

One cannot be beautiful and be a writer –
To write is to engage in the practice of putting things within reach
to anyone. A writer holds nothing sacred.

None other than a writer will attempt to know something
of suffering without having suffered.
And so much truth is lost already, on the way from the pen to the paper.

Watch a writer as he takes away, from genocide, a song to the masses:
Live out life while you have it.
Maybe this is why Philip Roth said, “Nothing bad can happen to a writer.”

Of all the abominations created at the hands of men,
words might have been the ugliest.
“The most powerful of weapons…”

Caesar was stabbed twenty times
before he fell.
And many times more, after that.

Roxanne ElShamy is a sophomore from Madison, MS, who is majoring in Neuroscience but doesn’t know what she wants to do yet.