In Between the Pines

by Charles Nugent

Darkness lingers,
The scent of the jasmine
Fills the air surrounding the two.

The longing to be lost,
Outside of the same four streets,
They had known forever.

This wasn’t close to the convenient store,
Where she would buy her cigarettes every morning,
Or the Mexican restaurant,
Where they would split quesadillas every Wednesday night.

They aren’t sure how they got here,
They don’t know how to get home,
But they don’t mind.

They’ll spend the night here
Underneath the stars,
Next to rabbits and worms,
In between the pines.

The silence, though unsettling,
Was a nice change from the busy city streets.
The constant of car horns,
The never-ending crowds of people filling the sidewalks.

None of those people meant anything to them.
Their loved ones rested beneath their feet.
Now it was their turn.

They lay on the ground,
Holding each other in sweet embrace.
They had done it many times before,
But they would never do it again.

As they closed their eyes
They took their last breaths,
And spent the rest of their lives,

Charles Nugent is a junior Communications Studies major with a minor in Business Administration from Baton Rouge, LA.