Is There an Afterlife?

by Caroline Daniels

Grains of sand in an hourglass rapidly fall
As the body continues to pale
When the final grain falls, Death begins his call
And guides yet another soul through the veil

Mourners play the dirge of misery
And the body will waste away
May the soul fly with wings of ivory
Lest it be chained and led astray

Swayed by the Devil and trapped in hell
The soul is lost and may as well say goodbye
However, in Heaven rings a beautiful bell
Throughout the sky and is as gentle as a lullaby

Or now that I start to reminisce
Is what awaits us only an abyss?

Caroline Daniels is a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama. Writing has been a personal hobby of hers for over six years. She has not officially declared her major nor minor, but she plans to major in creative writing.