by Phoebe Sandlin

There is a jolly lass called Juliet
Who loves to jab and jam her javelin into my heart
With jilting words, jumping from ink
to page
to wind.
In the game of fiction she is judge and jury
Passing laws like the Queen she is.
I dared to jump through her hoops
Did not see the jagged edges
And now I am caught
There is new pain in the jaunty way she tilts her head
and smiles, like the bleeding hearts on her pages
are a joke.
I have not laughed so much
Nor cried with such abandon
Than when I met this jolly lass
This Juliet
And her javelin called “Pen.”

Phoebe Sandlin is a freshman from Virginia Beach, VA, but who lives in FL. She’ll probably major in starving artistry, with a minor in French.