Snooze the Night Away

by Sree Maha Vedala

Leave the sea behind you today,
My fair mermaid.
Dream upon your throne of the deep.
After all, time is not something you get to keep.
Sink into your slumber and let your worries fade.
It has been a long day.

Snooze the night away.

Let your eyes fall to a close and your stress into disarray.
Jades of silk await your presence.
We will not be apart for long,
And I will be holding your heart all along.
Cease your penance
And put to surreal prose all you wish to convey.

Snooze the night away.

Make any wish your heart seeks to weigh.
Drift in dim plight
And let the waves blanket your skin.
Let the shores’ smile lift your chin
To lull you through the night
And let the sweet dreams stay.

Snooze the night away.

The time is up for this marine princess to play.
Lay your mind to rest,
For now we must retire
From your endless empire.
Mother of the Seas knows what’s best.
Let go of your thoughts and blow your frown astray.

And so, my fair mermaid, snooze the night away.

Sree Maha Vedala is a freshman from Brandon, Mississippi who plans to double major in Pre-health and Religious Studies.